1. Tender of Card Rental (Providing Vehicles)
  2. Tender of AMC of RO Plants
  3. UPS Battery purchase Advertise for K.S.S.B.M.
  4. Quotations Invited for Electrophoresis System & Amino column
  5. Quotation invited for WALK IN INCUBATOR
  6. Quotation for Purchase of Server for Accounts Department
  7. 20190816_Tender GU119_2019_22 for Purchase of Equipments for Biotechnology Dept
  8. 20190718_Tender GU103_2019_06_for University Management System (UMS)
  9. 20190717_Tenders of Estate Department
  10. 20190717_Estate_Offline_Tender for Canteen and Student Mess Food Service
  11. 20190710_Tender_GU112_2019_15_Estate_Tender_for Interior and allied Works of Mootcourt
  12. 20190710_Tender_GU111_2019_14_Estate_Tender_for Upgradation and Interior work at Chemistry Department
  13. 20190708_Tender_GU105_2019_08_Estate_Tender_for Social Science and Languages
  14. 20190708_Tender_GU108_2019_11_Estate_Tender_for Construction of Residence Quarters
  15. 20190708_Tender_GU107_2019_10_Estate_Tender_for UPGRADATION OF MOBILE & IT, CANTEEN, DAY CARE, CAMPUS SIGNAGES
  16. 20190708_Tender_GU106_2019_09_Estate_Tender_for Commerce, Geography, Journalism, HK Centre etc.
  17. 20190619_Tenser_GU102_2019_05_GUNET Network Passive Work
  18. 20190613_Tender_GU101_2019_04_for Purchase of Scientific Instruments for School of Sciences
  19. Estate Tender for Disposal of E-Waste
  20. Estate Tender for Disposal of Scrap
  21. Tender_Document_Security_Temper_Evident_Cover_12_04_2019
  22. 20190206_Services_for_Online_Portal_to_conduct_CCC_Examination
  23. 20190206_Tenders of Rollwala Computer Centre for Stationary and Microsoft
  24. 20181221_GU092_2018_11_Tender of Estate for Garden Maintenance
  25. 20190123_GU_2019_17_Tender of Belapur Map Litho SSP White Paper
  26. 20181221_GU093_2018_12_Tender of Estate for Zoology
  27. 20181221_GU094_2018_13_Tender of Estate for Research Park
  28. 20181221_GU095_2018_14_Tender of Estate for CLUT
  29. 20181222_GU096_2018_15_of_Estate_for_Botanical_Garden
  30. 20181222_GU097_2018_16_of_Estate_for_Heritage_Building
  31. 20181007_Tenders of HRDC (ASC) for Academic Excellency Tours
  32. 20180725_GU087_2018_06_Physics Tender for Scientific Equipments
  33. 20180530_Estate_Tender_for_Write_Off_Jun-2018
  34. 20180509_Estate_Tender_for_Upasana_School_Repairs
  35. 20180424_GUAC Short Term Tender for Online Centralized Admissions-2018 Process
  36. 20180410_Estate_Tender_for_Supply_of_Air_Coolers_on_Rent_Apr-2018
  37. 20180125_GU082_2018_01_Estate_Tender_for_NEW_Library_Building
  38. 20170918_Tender_of_Botany_Department
  39. 20170918_Tender_of_Estate_Department
  40. 20170916_Tenders_of_Exam_Department
  41. 20170828_Tenders_of_Rollwala
  42. 20170403_Estate_Tender
  43. 20170525_Estate Tender for Repair and Renovation at Law Bhavan
  44. 20170524_Tender_of_Health_Centre_Equipments_24-May-2017
  45. 20170523_GU061_2017_18_Tender_for_Forensic_Science_Equipments
  46. 20170523_GU056_2017_13_DPE_Tender_for_Sports_Equipments
  47. 20170523_GU058_2017_15_Estate_Tender_for_GUSEC
  48. 20170523_GU059_2017_16_Estate_Tender_for_Edu_Fair
  49. 20170502_Estate Tender for Convention Centre Infrastructure Lease
  50. 20170418_Estate_Tender_for_Air Cooler
  51. 20170215_Estate_Tender_for_Canteen_(Offline)
  52. 20170215_GU045_2017_02_Estate_Tender_for_HOUSE_KEEPING
  53. 20170215_GU046_2017_03_Estate_Tender_for_GARDENING
  54. 20170215_GU047_2017_04_Estate_Tender_for_MATHEMATICS_STATISTICS
  55. 20170215_GU048_2017_05_Estate_Tender_for_HOSTEL_RENOVATION
  56. 20170215_GU049_2017_06_Estate_Tender_for_STAFF_QUARTERS_RENOVATION
  57. 20170215_GU050_2017_07_Estate_Tender_for_SMART_CLASS
  58. 20170215_GU051_2017_08_Estate_Tender_for_IAS_LIBRARY
  59. 20170215_GU052_2017_09_Estate_Tender_for_Renovation_of_Admn_Wing
  60. Others
  61. Tender of Press for Stationary 06-Feb-2017
  62. Quotation by Estate Department
  63. Tender of School of Sciences for Equipments 16-Dec-2016
  64. Tender of Estate Department 30-Sep-2016
  65. Tender for Construction of Hostel Building
  66. Tender for Construction of Law Journalism_and_Commerce Building
  67. Tender for Construction of Road For SPORTS COMPLEX
  68. Tender for Campus Development at Gujarat University
  69. Tender for Construction of Tennis Academy
  70. Estate Tender for Disposal of Scrap
  71. Quotation of Estate Dept for Furniture and E Software 26-Aug-2016